Downtown Long Beach
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Downtown By Bike

Explore Downtown by Bike
This urban bike map offers a user-friendly guide to safely navigating to, from, and around Downtown Long Beach via bike lanes, bike paths, sharrows, and recommended routes. Additionally the map highlights points of interest including local attractions, parks, museums, dining and retail.  Click on the map to download and explore Downtown by Bike.


Discover Downtown by Bike
These six tours throughout Downtown Long Beach and beyond will guide you through the Waterfront Bike Paths, Historic Willmore City, The Promenade and East Village, Los Angeles River Trail, Arts & Culture Locales, and Views of Downtown from Signal Hill.  Shop, Dine, Meet Up, Exercise & Relax; all by Bike!  Click on the map to download, and discover Downtown by Bike.


Pick One Up
Waterproof, durable copies of Downtown by Bike were debuted at Bike Fest on May 3rd. Copies are now available DLBA office, and will be distributed shortly to Downtown bike shops, various businesses, hotels and attractions.